Case Studies

Agile reboot for one of the largest Pharmacies in the world

The Situation:

Confronted with the imperative to modernize an internal marketing tool and fortify their Agile foundation, the organization embarked on a mission of renewal. The adventure started with a Scrum Master entrusted with a single team, but quickly morphed into an Agile coaching role that encompassed the broader collective.

The Deliverable:

The expedition’s starting point was the modernization of the internal marketing tool, paralleled by the cultivation of Agile principles. The remit expanded to encompass broader horizons:

  • Cultural Evolution: Strategically elevate the organizational culture, foster an atmosphere of innovation, collaboration, and shared values.
  • Attrition Alleviation: Magnify employee empowerment and growth
  • opportunities to curtail attrition rates.
  • Precision Amplification: Implement Agile methodologies focusing on achieving a 50% augmentation in predictability and elevating performance consistency.
  • Enclave of Safety: Enhance team dynamics, evolving into a haven of psychological safety, enabling every voice to resonate.
  • Center of Excellence: Establish an Agile Operating Model & Center of Excellence, championing sustained excellence and guiding the trajectory.


The results of this paradigm-shifting transformation illuminated the trajectory forward, substantiating the potency of Agile synergy:

  • Cultural Brilliance: The healthcare behemoth witnessed a cultural shift, fostering an Agile culture that invigorated innovation and nurtured camaraderie.
  • Attrition Mitigation: Through focused efforts on workforce empowerment, attrition rates registered a significant decline, substantiating heightened job satisfaction.
  • Precision Illumined: Predictability surged, with an awe-inspiring 50% upswing in performance consistency and velocity, a remarkable outcome of Agile adoption.


Globally Renowned Biopharma

The Situation:

This global biopharma was struggling with a history of:

  • Inconsistent delivery
  • Subpar quality standards
  • Sporadic Agile adoption across international sites.

The Solution? To craft a greenfield software platform to remotely manage lab operations for an imminent product release. Adding to the complexity, leadership was requesting a swift acceleration of Agile across 5000 personnel aimed at delivering functional software to experimental labs.

The Deliverable:

With a clear understanding of the urgency and intricacies, we embarked on a tailored Agile transformation journey. The leadership’s previous attempts at a DIY solution had faltered, propelling our intervention. The strategic blueprint encompassed several pivotal phases:

  • Scaling Agile Framework: Our expertise guided the seamless adoption of a robust scaling Agile framework, laying the foundation for transformation.
  • Governing Body Establishment: A formidable governing body was erected, steering the ship by setting direction, dismantling impediments, and aligning organizational goals with budgetary imperatives.
  • Localized Change Management: We delicately introduced a change management process, paying homage to the diverse cultures across international sites, while simultaneously weaving the transformation narrative.
  • Leadership Training: Our rigorous training equipped the leadership team with a common language of Agile practices and their pivotal role in change management.
  • Lean Agile Center of Excellence: A dynamic center emerged, orchestrating a cultural shift from segmented teams to a harmonious collective, driving change management and presiding over enduring Agile practices.
  • Operationalizing Agile: Through an agile onboarding plan, execution was streamlined, ensuring alignment with the Agile vision emanating from the Center of Excellence.
  • Data-Centric Improvement: Our innovative approach engineered a data-centric improvement process, infusing empirical Agile processes with data-driven discovery.


    The company realized an organizational shift in:

    • Culture: Agile mindsets galvanized employees, igniting a resurgence of morale.
    • Attrition: 85% reduction in attrition over the course of a year
    • Amplified Capabilities: Speed to market increased with higher quality and elevated customer satisfaction.
    • Strategic Fusion: Alignment of business metrics & goals with objectives & outcomes, significantly increased adoption and satisfaction
    Agile Implementation for Top 5 Insurance Providers

    The Situation:

    Large and influential Health Insurance Company wanted to market a new offering, but was struggling due to a:

    • Lack of delivery teams
    • Tight deadlines
    • Two different hubs working in silos

    The solution? To create empowered, self organized teams using the SAFe methodology to drive consistency, support deadlines and meet expectations across two main hubs

    The Deliverable:

    With a hard deadline and a lot of moving pieces the opportunity was vast and coordination was paramount.

    • Scaled Agile Framework: Our expertise guided the selection of SAFe as the best framework for this endeavor given the sheer scale of the project and it’s complexities with vendors alongside government regulations and filing deadlines.
    • Training and Coaching: To support this new initiative more than 700 people had to be sourced and trained to build, operate and maintain this new solution. Each of them went through SAFe training to ensure alignment and consistency
    • Hyper Focused Change Management: We started our change management activities on day one using an embedded approach that was based on empathy and building psychological safety
    • One Team to Start: We selected a single team to stand up and experiment with allowing us to get quick wins and identify org level impediments
    • Agile Requirements Gathering: We guided stakeholders through an iterative and value based requirements and documentation process, setting their team up for long term success within 2 weeks, far exceeding their typical turnaround time of 4-6 months
    • Cultural Transformation: As we worked with employees and stakeholders we focused on improving cultural dynamics within the team and company which were hindering progress and demoralizing morale.
    • Fun and Exploration We built out central locations in each office with toys (legos, remote control cars, Baby Yodas) for teams to use for retros and breaks. We recognized that the team needed to add these creative and stress reducing elements to their day in order to do their best work


    The organization underwent a massive transformation yielding tangible outcomes, such as:

    • Culture shift: The adoption of Agile mindsets helped both hubs align on a common mission and ways of working
    • Better Planning Using the SAFe PI planning every 10 weeks the teams got together and planned together allowing for a more realistic road map and prioritization of features
    • On Time Delivery: The integration of code and functionality every ten weeks allowed us to launch on time and on budget as all stakeholders had seen the system work from end to end numerous times and were confident in the solution.
    Transforming a Multinational Semiconductor Manufacturer through Data Governance

    The Situation:

    Within the corridors of a multinational semiconductor powerhouse, a pivotal transformation journey unfurled. The organization confronted the challenge of overhauling data governance, an imperative that reverberated through its global operations. The project embarked with a team composed of partially committed members, devoid of a Scrum Master, and struggled with work delivery, fostering a disarrayed environment.

    The Deliverable:

    At the heart of this voyage was the resolute mission to reshape data governance. The trajectory was marked by three vital stages:

    • Structuring the Foundation: The initial challenge was to mold a partly committed team into a cohesive unit. A Scrum Master was introduced to orchestrate and instill discipline within the team, fostering a structured approach.
    • Nurturing Psychological Safety: Recognizing the absence of psychological safety, a concerted effort was made to cultivate an environment where team members could voice ideas, concerns, and collaborate without fear.
    • Cultural Resurgence: The amalgamation of structured operations and psychological safety synergized, rekindling the team’s spirit. This metamorphosis translated into efficient work processes and a harmonious team culture.


    The transformation’s ripple effect yielded profound outcomes, redefining the trajectory of the semiconductor giant:

    • Precision in Delivery: The project’s chronicle was a paradigm shift from lagging behind to delivering on time and within budget, an impressive transformation spurred by structured operations.
    • Cultural Shift: The once fragmented team underwent a cultural revival. The journey from isolated silos to a closely bonded unit was punctuated by camaraderie and shared purpose.
    • Triumph in Diversity: The altered dynamics fostered by psychological safety gave rise to creative solutions, as diverse voices blended seamlessly in the pursuit of common goals.
    • Fun Amidst Challenges: The transformed team stood resilient, even in the face of obstacles. Their bond transcended challenges, illustrating the profound transformation of work culture.

    This case study is a testament to the potential of aligning structured processes with the nurturing of a safe, inclusive environment. The journey from disarray to harmonious cooperation showcases how revitalizing team dynamics and embracing Agile principles can uplift a project’s outcome. The semiconductor giant’s tale demonstrates that a well-structured journey, guided by a Scrum Master and fueled by psychological safety, can not only elevate work quality but forge bonds that transcend challenges.